Applications for an award from the Hawks Charitable Trust now open

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Although not all believe in the worth and value of sport, as a sportsperson myself I firmly believe it has aided me to perform better in the academic sphere as well. If I were laden with a seemingly unfeasible workload, I would have no vent to disperse the hot headedness if it weren’t for sport. I would have canned it and allowed slackness to become an accumulative problem. The added time pressure only helps the process, as it forces your hand into effective and efficient time management, balancing performance on the field with sufficient academic commitment.

However, when it comes to training for high level sport, the time pressures become ever increasing, and full term is long forgotten time frame. This leads to a situation where academia remains possible, but some earning potential is lost in training weeks, warm weather camps, and the endless abyss of necessary sporting equipment and nutrition. It all costs.

In 1996 the Hawks’ Charitable Trust was founded and opened an avenue to aid those under financial pressure. This in part recognises the additional time burden due to sporting commitments that stretch beyond the remit of term, and also to foster sporting excellence. Those lucky enough gain one of the numerous small awards (as is the trusts policy to aid many rather than the few), are recognised for their sporting potential within their given activity, as well as their academic commitment and prowess. This is ensured as each application must be endorsed by a University Senior Member to confirm financial need as well as academic viability.

I would urge all those eligible (sportsmen and women within half blue or full blue sports) to apply.

In 2014 a total of £22,350 was awarded to 147 men and women from 231 applicants, ranging from £100 to four £750 awards. The four highest awards are named in recognition of significant contributors to the trust: David Jennens (Clare, Rowing 1949-51), Sir Adrian Cadbury (King’s, Rowing/Skiing 1949-52), Bob Barber (Magdalene, Cricket/Athletics 1954-57) and Sir Arthur Marshall (Jesus, Athletics 1922-26). To them we should be hugely grateful as they understand, and have a compassion for sporting success that was great enough to ensure we might be able to sustain it in this modern era. The trust has prospered and grown year on year to ensure we can continue to excel where it is important to us other than in the exam hall.

More information about the award and how to apply can be found here: http://hawksclub.co.uk/hawks-trust/application-for-an-award-2014-15.aspx

The closing date for applications is the 13th of February.

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