February 17, 2018 by Ruby Woolfe

At the 2018 BUCS Cross Country Championships, the CUH&H Men’s A team managed a glorious surpassing of their 2017 bronze, to secure a silver medal. Held at Hillingdon Farm, Brunel ...
Credit: Julie Edgley

January 12, 2018 by Tiwa Adebayo

Tiwa Adebayo asks why girls drop out of sport, and what is being done about the present situation.
Blues Team Pic

December 16, 2017 by Niamh Bridson Hubbard

It was a brisk morning on Saturday the 2nd of December that CUH&H piled onto a coach to head to Wimbledon Common. Following the close series of races at Shotover, ...
Photo Credits: Oliver Siddons

December 16, 2017 by Tom Goulding

The Blue Bird spoke to Paddy Roddy, ex-CUHH club captain, about his running and studies at UCL
Duberley (right) has enjoyed high-profile success with multiple athletes

November 23, 2017 by Tom Goulding

The Blue Bird spoke to Duberley, coach of multiple Olympic and junior Commonwealth athletes to get his take on the often overlooked world of coaching
CUHH Varsity Cross Country

November 21, 2017 by Abigail Thellusson

Many of the Blue Bird’s ‘Workout of the Week’ articles thus far have focussed on the strength and conditioning regimes Cambridge sports teams undergo; this week the University Cross Country ...
Lawrence Hollom

November 20, 2017 by CUHH

With ii-ivs Varsity less than a week away, meet the Light blue runners hoping to give Oxf*rd a run for their money. They will be taking on the Dark Blues over a ...
University Rugby Ground, home of CURUFC (Credit: Richard Humphreys)

November 10, 2017 by Tiwa Adebayo

Tiwa Adebayo asks if a Blue is really worth it?
BB Blue Bird cover photo website banner 2

November 9, 2017 by Abigail Thellusson

The motto of the week has to be GDBO: with victories over Oxf*rd in lacrosse and athletics, Cambridge Women have been showing the Dark Blues how it’s done. Elsewhere, we ...
Photo Credit: Daisy Irving-Hyman

November 9, 2017 by Lawrence Hopkins

On a blustery Sunday in November, the newest additions to Cambridge University Athletic Club (CUAC) took on their O*ford counterparts in the annual Freshers’ Varsity Match at Wilberforce Road. All ...
Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 09.48.59

November 7, 2017 by Tom Goulding

The Blue Bird heard from recent Yale graduate Austin Puleo about his experiences of Athletics at Cambridge and Yale.
Gracie Gold (Credit: nabechiko29 (Flickr: U.S. Championships Ladies FS/VC) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

November 6, 2017 by Sofia Weiss

Sofia Weiss discusses an issue close to her heart, eating disorders in sport.
Credit: Richard Ollington

November 5, 2017 by Blue Bird

Tune in for live coverage of the 2017 Athletics FVM!
Credit: Richard Ollington

November 2, 2017 by Lottie Paterson

As a new year of Varsity Matches begin, we announce this year’s team for the Athletics Fresher’s Varsity Match. Come and support the newest additions to CUAC this Sunday at Wilberforce ...
Athletics Autumn Cuppers 2017 (Credit: CUAC)

October 27, 2017 by Lawrence Hopkins

After the Autumn instalment of this year's Athletics Cuppers competition, St John's and Sidney Sussex head the men's and women's standings respectively.
Joyciline Jepkosgei won the 2017 Prague Half Marathon in April (Credit: AFP)

October 27, 2017 by Niamh Bridson Hubbard

Niamh Bridson Hubbard, a runner herself, asks if we can still have faith in a sport that has been dogged by scandal after scandal.
Start of the 2017 Freshers' Fun Run (Credit: James Meiklejohn)

October 24, 2017 by Sofia Weiss

Sofia Weiss, in her first piece for The Blue Bird, discusses the basis on which humans are born to run
Tiwa Adebayo at Athletics Varsity 2017

October 19, 2017 by Tiwa Adebayo

Tiwa Adebayo, in her first piece for Blue Bird, discusses the predicament faced by the “student-athlete”

October 13, 2017 by Lawrence Hopkins

Athletics Autumn Cuppers 2017: College pride is at stake Autumn Cuppers is the first in the two-part Cuppers programme for Athletics. This weekend, every participant in Cuppers will win at ...
The Ely Run - 18 miles of escapism
Credit: James Meiklejohn

September 30, 2017 by Lawrence Hopkins

Lawrence Hopkins discusses the interplay of mental health and running from a personal perspective
A future O*ford-beating team? (photo credit: Tom Kearns)

September 25, 2017 by Josh Cara

The Blue Bird chatted to some aspiring fresher athletes at the Hare and Hounds September training camp as they shape up to take on The Other Place in Michaelmas term. ...
(Photo Credit: AP Photo?Mark Baker)

September 19, 2017 by Abigail Thellusson

In a show of unashamedly glaring symbolism, they hugged their legendary mentors at the Opening Ceremony, were passed the torch, and ran around the stadium to ethereal chimes...
The founding Osprey's Committee

September 9, 2017 by Tom Goulding

The Blue Bird spoke to Susi Caesar, Founder Secretary of the Ospreys
Rasmus post-PB (Credit: Kergejõustik Facebook)

July 16, 2017 by Lawrence Hopkins

CUAC's Rasmus Kisel smashed his PB in Poland at U23 European Champs

May 13, 2017 by Lucy Morgan

Look out for all of the live actions coming from the Athletics Varsity!

May 12, 2017 by Anni Bates

The Women's Blues team for Athletics Sport this Sunday!
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-10 at 20.35.03

May 11, 2017 by Anni Bates

You’ve seen their faces, now know their names. This is your Cambridge team that will destroy Oxford this Sunday at Wilberforce road. Events start at 11:30am and run throughout the ...

May 10, 2017 by Anni Bates

You’ve seen their faces, now know their names. This is your Cambridge team that will destroy Oxford this Sunday at Wilberforce road. Events start at 11:30am and run throughout the ...

May 9, 2017 by Anni Bates

Your Alverstone's team, ready to take on Ox**** this Sunday!

May 8, 2017 by Cambridge Athletics

Always wondered what your true calling is on the track or field? Take our quiz and find out!
Kate Curran competing in a strong field at BUCS.

May 5, 2017 by Leonardo Buizza

It was a very successful weekend for the 12 Hare and Hounds athletes competing at the BUCS outdoor athletics championships. Contesting events from 800m- 5000m, the light blue (or was it ...
CUAC, like the Ospreys, is still going strong to this day

May 3, 2017 by Cambridge Athletics

Do you think you’re speedy? Do you want to see how fast the Athletics Blues really are? Want to see if you could beat them? If the answer is ‘YES’, ...
Alistair Senior drove brilliantly for Cambridge, right to the end! (Credit BUKC)

April 28, 2017 by Leonardo Buizza

Cambridge Motorsport put in a storming performance to end their season on a high, and to secure an historic top-ten finish for the first time ever for Cambridge!
Varsity marathon

April 20, 2017 by Tom Kearns

Cambridge's Hare & Hounds are looking forward to taking on the Dark Blues in the Varsity Marathon on Sunday!
Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 09.16.40

March 4, 2017 by Tom Goulding

Live updates on the Athletics Club's progress at the Varsity Field Events and Relays Indoors event at Lee Valley Athletics Centre.
VFEAR_Banner copy

February 27, 2017 by Annabelle Bates

CUAC announces their team for Indoor Varsity taking place this weekend.
Richard Morris making his way around the track (Credit: BUKC).

February 26, 2017 by Richard Morris

More success for Cambridge Motorsport, as they perform well in rounds 3 and 4 of the Karting championships!

February 9, 2017 by Leonardo Buizza

Week 3 saw two historic performances, with both involving (appropriately) bronze-place finishes.
Rain throughout the two days made track conditions very challenging.

February 9, 2017 by Richard Morris

Cambridge Automobile Club stormed to a phenomenal 3rd place at BUCS last week, in an historic performance for motorsport at Cambridge!

December 7, 2016 by Henry McTernan

Oliver Fox stars and the light blue men clinch victory after two successive losses, though the women suffer defeat to a formidable O*ford side. The Blues Cross Country Varsity Match ...

December 2, 2016 by Henry McTernan & Anna Hollingsworth

In advance of the Blues Cross Country Match at Wimbledon Common this Saturday, the Bluebird reveals the athletes in action. Men’s Blues   MacGregor Cox MacGregor is renowned for doing what ...
The CUH&H Women's IIs from last year.

November 25, 2016 by Henry McTernan and Anna Hollingsworth

Look out for all of these runners competing against the Dark Blues over the weekend!

November 13, 2016 by Charlotte Frost and Olivia Shears

A look at the best of the less functional (but more fun) novelty stash items around Cambridge
University level sport can be a daunting challenge for newcomers to the university.

Credit: William Hill

November 7, 2016 by Lawrence Hopkins

Lawrence Hopkins sings the praises of college sport as an alternative to the daunting level of Blues sport.
Cambridge University Automobile Club primarily competes in karting races

November 1, 2016 by Tom Goulding

The CU Automobile and Fencing Clubs' President, Richard Morris, speaks to Tom Goulding about CUAC’s half-blue status and his sporting achievements

October 31, 2016 by Claire Worrall

On the 23rd of October, Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon Club’s novice athletes took part in their first battle against ‘the other place’ in the novice varsity match. The club had ...

October 31, 2016 by Daphne Martschenko

At the end of Black History Month, Daphne Martschenko looks at some of the issues still prevalent around race and "fitting in" to a sporting culture.

October 28, 2016 by Charlotte Frost and Olivia Shears

Kit secretaries everywhere take note, here is the low down on the 5 best pieces of sports stash that you’ll see around Cambridge.

October 25, 2016 by Sally Bradley

All you need to know about the 2016/17 Ospreys Committee!

October 13, 2016 by Anni Bates

Winter is Coming, meaning only one thing - Athletics Cuppers is here.

October 12, 2016 by Henry McTernan

The annual Week One fixture revealed how the freshers line up against the Cambridge University's top runners

October 9, 2016 by Phillip Crout

Phillip Crout takes a look at just how impressive this year's women's long-distance running field was.
Our big family after another Varsity triumph this year

September 29, 2016 by Anni Bates

Anni Bates combines Primary School poetry writing with her unbridled love for CUAC

September 25, 2016 by Anni Bates

Meet the CUAC squad leaders and why they think CUAC is the club for you.
Mo Farah celebrates his 'double-double'

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

September 5, 2016 by Tom Goulding

Britain was gripped by an Olympic fervour this summer, but what are the international perceptions of the Olympic Games and Team GB? Tom Goulding found out.

August 31, 2016 by Jack Congdon and Richard Ollington

Testosterone limits seem regressive and inhumane - but they may be the only way to ensure a level playing-field in female athletic competition
"It's all natural, promise!"

August 30, 2016 by Phillip Crout

Phil Crout, fresh from his experiences at the U23 National Championships, gives us the inside line on how anti-doping testing works.
Linsey Sharp (middle) has come under criticism for her comments regarding Semenya,

August 24, 2016 by Audrey Sebatindira

Audrey Sebatindira addresses the issues surrounding Caster Semenya's Olympic 800m victory and the comments on it made by other athletes.
The Varsity team

May 18, 2016 by Josh Mustill

4 gold medals out of 5 for the individual performances and a resounding double Light Blue victory

May 12, 2016 by Richard Ollington

The finalists have been announced, who do you think deserves it?

May 5, 2016 by Tom Parker

Meet the Blues team going for a record 7th win in 8 years
CUAC, like the Ospreys, is still going strong to this day

May 5, 2016 by The Blues Team, collated by Anni Bates

The Women’s team is going for their 4th Varsity win in a row. Here’s how the team stacks up.
bucs  logo

May 4, 2016 by Henry McTernan & James Brooks

Only two days till athletics Varsity and CUAC are looking strong

May 4, 2016 by All Alverstones Captains Past & Present

'Do the alverstones just go on swaps?' 'Or are they actually a sports team?' The truth is that they excel at both.

May 4, 2016 by Fiona Brown and Maxine Meju

The Women’s seconds team is going for their 4th Varsity win in a row. Here’s how the team stacks up.
CUAC athletics

April 27, 2016 by Richard Ollington

CUAC Sports is coming! But which event should you do? Take our quiz and find out

April 25, 2016 by Fiona Jing

Are you the fastest sports club, society or college in Cambridge? Put it to the test

April 1, 2016 by Leonardo Buizza

Cambridge are looking forward to welcoming some big sporting names for next year...

March 31, 2016 by Ospreys

The finalists have been announced, who do you think deserves it?

March 24, 2016 by Richard Ollington

Editor-in-Chief Richard Ollington tells us how emotions guide his running.
Photo credit -

March 21, 2016 by Edmund Gazeley

The Men’s Blues Committee can appear a clandestine organisation but it’s moving with the times
promo video

March 9, 2016 by Izhan Khan

WATCH - The greatest Varsity Promo Video ever?
Varsity Live blogging

March 4, 2016 by Izhan Khan

More live action! Stay up to date with all the Varsity Matches courtesy of the Blue Bird!

March 2, 2016 by Richard Ollington

Find out who will be competing in this year's Athletics VFEAR meet.
Ox v Cam 2

February 29, 2016 by Richard Ollington

Roundup of the year so far - who is sportiest?

February 9, 2016 by Leonardo Buizza

Matthew Juniper: Paralympic Athlete, Professor of Engineering and all-round funnyman. Read about his thoughts on competing in Atlanta in 1996 and whether prosthetics can give people an edge over human limbs.

February 3, 2016 by Richard Ollington

Last year Andy Baddeley gave a talk to the Cambridge University Hare and Hounds. Here's what he had to say about his time running at Cambridge.
sport money bursary

January 16, 2016 by Richard Ollington

College Bursaries exist for all levels of sports participation, make sure you're not missing out

December 25, 2015 by Blue Bird

Not that you need reminding but it's Christmas. Take a look and find our "gift" to you
BB advent 23

December 23, 2015 by Richard Ollington

It's midway through Day 23 and this fun fact reflects that
BB advent 18

December 18, 2015 by Richard Ollington

Day 18 and we take a look at the history of the Cambridge Varsity Match
BB advent 15

December 15, 2015 by Richard Ollington

Day 15 and we take a look back at the Cambridge athletes that competed in the 2012 Olympics
BB advent 9

December 9, 2015 by Richard Ollington

On Day 9, we take a look at CUAC's impressive successes on the track

December 1, 2015 by Leonardo Buizza

This week we talk to Eleanor Duck about balancing training between two contrasting sports and the support she gets from college.
The team spirit that CUAC prides itself upon

November 15, 2015 by Carys Boughton

A great performance against the athletes from Oxford

October 21, 2015 by Liz Mooney

In her fifth blog Liz looks at the prevalence of drugs in athletics and solutions to minimize its prevalence

October 6, 2015 by Tom Parker

Regardless of your experience we want you involved. We will make you mighty

September 20, 2015 by Liz Mooney

In her latest blog Liz Mooney contemplates who rivals Mo Farah as Britain's greatest athlete

September 16, 2015 by Liz Mooney

In her latest blog Liz Mooney contemplates whether Mo Farah is Britain’s greatest athlete
Lewis wants

September 8, 2015 by Emma Elston & Josh Carr

Fancy an early run into the start of term? Why not consider the CUHH training camp!
Ox v Cam Oxford Cambridge who won the most varsities so far

July 29, 2015 by The Blue Bird

Roundup of the year - who was sportiest?

May 19, 2015 by CUAC and CUHH

The title says it all
Bring on the Bollinger!

April 20, 2015 by Richard Ollington

Run, throw, jump your way to booze and Varsity glory

April 1, 2015 by Richard Ollington

Charlotte Frost has competed at Blues level in both Hockey and Rugby. She tells us about these sports, how she balances her time as well as her views on women's sport

March 16, 2015 by Eleanor Simmons

After a strong and consistent Winters training CUAC come away from their Varsity with a 3-1 win and multiple match records!
Emma Cullen and Hepsi Adeosun in their 60m heat

March 14, 2015 by Richard Ollington

3-1 victory with multiple Varsity Match records broken. Ox**** be warned
CUAC girls

February 15, 2015 by Eleanor Simmons

CUAC continue their impressive pre-VFEAR form

February 10, 2015 by Blue Bird News

The results of the second polls are revealed!

February 7, 2015 by Blue Bird News

The second edition of this feature is here as Cambridge sports teams put in some more stunning performances

February 7, 2015 by Blue Bird News

There were some more impressive personal performances from Cambridge athletes

February 6, 2015 by Eleanor Simmons

CUAC had their first competition of the indoor season and came away with an impressive 15 personal bests

January 22, 2015 by Frank Sanders

The award offers an opportunity to claim back some of the costs associated with representing the University in sport.

November 12, 2014 by Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore contributes a thoughtful article of the role of sport in politics.
Antoine Magre in the 400m.

November 9, 2014 by Eleanor Simmons

Dominance against Oxf*rd for CUAC in Freshers' Varsity match.
The almost 100-strong Women's 2014 Varsity team

October 27, 2014 by Rebecca Moore

In a thoughtful piece Rebecca Moore delves in to the issue of sexism in Cambridge sport.

October 19, 2014 by Rebecca Moore

Rebecca Moore speaks to former Cambridge runner Emily Dudgeon about her experiences at the Commonwealth games.

October 17, 2014 by Eleanor Simmons

Cambridge University Athletics Club is on the lookout for undiscovered athletic talent and they want YOU.

October 15, 2014 by Izhan Khan

Izhan Khan catches up with LEWIS LLOYD, captain of the Cambridge University Hare and Hounds club, for a quick update on preparations for varsity and their aspirations to become the university running club for all skill levels.

October 8, 2014 by Alex Wiseman

Alex Wiseman assesses the challenges of keeping in shape over the long summer vacation for light blue sportsmen and women.

October 6, 2014 by Sarah Lombard

With the two different spheres of College and University sport, it’s unusual for a Cambridge student to try an entirely new sport at University level. Whilst it’s a great way to meet people from other Colleges, a fantastic tactic for relaxing after a long day of lectures and supervisions, not everyone is up to the additional challenge of learning a sport from scratch. These brave souls tested the waters as beginners when it seemed like everyone else could already swim.