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Blue Bird Presents…Captains Challenge

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In the Blue Bird’s first video feature we are inviting all the  university sports captains to compete in the Captain’s Challenge, where they will race against the clock around our sporting obstacle course. The prize? The prestigious title of the Champion of Captains and the chance to prove that you are the best captain in Cambridge.

What does it involve? The course itself is a gruelling test of speed, skill and stamina; testing all aspects of sporting ability from scoring a hoop to throwing down a set of cricket stumps. There will be time penalties for missing, so accuracy is key. Each captain’s attempt at the course will be filmed and published on the website, along with a leaderboard to show the latest standings.

So if YOU happen to be captain of a Cambridge sports team, or know someone who is, get in touch with Izhan Khan ( to take on the challenge and show that all that chatter in Cindies isn’t just talk.

And to get things started, here’s Blue Bird’s very own Alex Wiseman taking on the challenge. Think you can do better? Let’s see.




    to be fair, if none of these play to Alex’s badass water-based strengths we should make all the other competing captains crack out a swim in the Cam to even it up…

  2. what was that??

    Do I think I could do better? I think Hellen Keller could do better…

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