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CUHH Training Camp: 115 miles, 115 pints, 7 days

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Cambridge University Hare & Hounds’s and Blue Bird’s very own Interviews Editor, Tom Goulding, is away on training camp in Eastbourne ahead of BUCS XC 2018. Interviews will thus be limited over the coming week. But fear not, however, as the Caian will not be short of content for the website.
Over the week, Goulding, 21, of Chester-le-Street, Durham, will be attempting to set a record. One that will immortalise his soul. The Harey Training Camp Points Record.
The rules are simple, over the week a point is scored for each mile run and each pint consumed. If, at any point, alcohol already consumed is expelled from the lad’s mouth, no more points may be scored for the remainder of the day.
Keep this feed open for regular-ish updates on the most important sporting event of 2018 so far.

Lawrence Hopkins January 12, 201810:36 pm

Tom really is a big supporter of education, and his challenge is bringing out his finest pedagogy: “If you’re ever in a fight and a guy tries to poke your eyes out, just do this.” Ed Hezlet would be proud.

Credit: Jose Gray

Lawrence Hopkins January 12, 201810:33 pm

As of 13:57 today, Mr Goulding was sitting pretty on 92 miles and 84 pints.

Lawrence Hopkins January 11, 20185:40 pm

Day 3: 18 miles + undefined quantity of alcohol…

Day 4: 16 miles + undefined quantity of alcohol…

TG is well past the 100 point mark at present, the end may well start to seem reachable

Lawrence Hopkins January 11, 20185:35 pm

Not content with merely chopping pints and miles, Tom has since completed the customary “dirty pint”, God forbid he actually finishes this challenge. He’ll never shut up about it

Lawrence Hopkins January 9, 201812:52 pm

Coach O’Dell is clearly a big supporter of Tom’s, doing his bit by providing a 9% beer.

Lawrence Hopkins January 9, 201812:51 pm

News has come in of Day 2’s exploits: 37 points for 24 hours.

Three runs of 6, 6, and 7 miles combined with 18 pints sees the man through the day. Rumours are that the challenge is leaving its mark on Tom, who my have channelled his inner Paula Radcliffe during his final run of the day.

Lawrence Hopkins January 9, 201812:47 pm

The motivations for such a challenge are unclear. When asked why he is doing it, “personal satisfaction, I think?” was the rather unconvincing answer offered up by Goulding

Lawrence Hopkins January 8, 20182:08 pm

Now most of the way through Day 2, TG has covered 12 miles. Zero golfers were harmed in the process

Lawrence Hopkins January 8, 20182:03 pm

Don’t believe this? Well, Tom’s runs are all public available. Follow him on Strava here:

Lawrence Hopkins January 8, 20181:59 pm

Day 1 – 28 points (half-day):

Day 1 is in the books. TG covered 16 miles, and sank 12 pints. Three runs, respectively of 6, 7, and 3 miles, took Goulding to 16 miles.


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    This feed needs pictures, and also a daily quotation from TG!

  2. Rich Ollington

    He sounds like an absolute hero, I wish I could reach his levels

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