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Downing and Johns-Newnham lead the way into Lent term

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The hockey leagues this term have been tightly contested. For the Men’s League A, both Downing and St Catharine’s I ended Michaelmas on top. However, when the two top teams played against each other, Downing easily came out on top winning 11-0 over St Catharine’s. This was the latter’s only loss of the term. Downing’s win here contributed to their twenty-one-point goal difference, far higher than St Catharine’s I’s four. Downing will therefore compete in the Suppercuppers match against the equivalent league winners from Oxford in March! Emmanuel and Selwyn are in danger of relegation going into Lent term with both teams at the bottom on three points. The number of teams promoted or relegated for next term is yet to be decided by the league organisers.

The Men’s B league has three joint leaders: Fitzwilliam/Trinity, Pembroke and John’s. John’s are ahead however owing to an incredible goal difference of twenty-eight. A 14-0 win over Christ’s in the middle of term edged them nicely towards this tally. St Catherine’s II sit at the bottom of this league with five losses from the term, four of which were forfeited games. With a high number of forfeited matches across all the leagues this term, the organisers are considering changes to the league structure to avoid the same situation next term. This is to be confirmed after Christmas.

The Men’s C league sees Magdalene at the top with ten points with Robinson close behind on eight. Three wins from four games ensured Magdalene’s position at the top. King’s lie bottom with three defeats from four.

For the women’s League A Jesus have a clear 3 point lead over the combined John’s/Newnham side. The Jesus lead is hardly surprising looking at their impressive twenty-one-point goal difference from only five games. Their 6-0 win over Trinity-Fitz in their final fixture of term contributed greatly to this. At the bottom of the A table Selwyn have not managed to claim a point owing in part to the college being unable to field a team for two out of the six fixtures this term. St Catharine’s, Murray Edwards and Trinity-Fitz sit comfortably in the mid-table going into Lent.

Lent term should bring more exciting league matches with fewer postponed matches if the league structure is indeed changed.

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