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February 18, 2018 by Abigail Thellusson

BUCS cups, leagues, upcoming Varsity matches…in the middle of term, Cambridge teams are busy scooping up victories in an array of sports. Vote here for your team of the week! ...
The Blues Fencing Team battling with the opposition.

February 7, 2018 by Oliver Hope

Cambridge University Fencing Club report from a dramatic BUCS weekend, leaving them in need of victory vs Bath today to secure a 3rd consecutive league title.
Photo credits: Anna Gibbons

January 14, 2018 by Anna Gibbons

Many! This weekend has marked the start of term time training for the pentathletes. Over the course of 48 hours, we fit in 9km of swimming, 4 and a half ...
Photo credits: Anna Gibbons

January 1, 2018 by Anna Gibbons

Four of the Modern Pentathlon Club Ladies’ squad went to compete at the West Midlands Pentathlon Competition. Just four days after Christmas, the three athletes competing in the ride turned ...
Celebrating after a hard day competing, photo credits: Anna Gibbons

November 19, 2017 by Anna Gibbons

This weekend was CUMPC’s annual invitational match, and saw over 30 current club, Old Blues, and EY sponsors compete. The day opened with the fence. After some misfunctioning and missing ...
Cambridge novices with their captain. Photo credits: Anna Gibbons

November 1, 2017 by Anna Gibbons

Four weeks in to training, and it was time for Modern Pentathlon’s novices to face the Dark Blues. The day comprised of four events: fencing, running and shooting, and swimming ...
CUMPC takes on Yorkshire Pentathlon. Photo credits: Susannah Boddie.

November 1, 2017 by Anna Gibbons

Last weekend, CUMPC sent some of its senior squad to compete at Yorkshire’s annual Pentathlon. The team consisting of Susannah Boddie, Eléanor Sealy, Emily Hopgood and Amy Radford, for the ...
Alex 'Dragonslayer' Schlindwein takes the fight to Oxf*rd.

May 6, 2017 by Daniel Summerbell

CUFC's Men put in a cracking comeback performance to hold on to the fencing trophy for the third year running!
A successful season in the BUCS league saw the fencers finish 2nd in Premier South!

March 15, 2017 by Thorbjorg Agustsdottir

A tough final few weeks for CUFC as they did battle in the BUCS national semi-finals, and in their Varsity Match.
Bedouwinning: Hockey Women's 3rds celebrate winning their Varsity (Credit: Tom Markham)

March 1, 2017 by Leonardo Buizza

What does it take to build club-wide success>

February 5, 2017 by Leonardo Buizza

Week two saw the return of BUCS, and some high-class performances from Light Blue teams!
The women's Fencing squad from last weekend.

January 31, 2017 by Thorbjorg Agustsdottir

CUFC took on UCL last week, making short work of their fencing team.

January 20, 2017 by Leonardo Buizza

A look back at some of the performances from the end of last year for our first Team Of The Week of 2017!
BB advent 18

December 20, 2016 by Leonardo Buizza

An impressive 18 wins!

December 7, 2016 by Thorbjorg Agustsdottir

CUFC rounded off a strong term with a win over Surrey, putting them second in their BUCS league!
GDBO blue

November 25, 2016 by Leonardo Buizza

We are so close to the end of term, and we’ve had plenty of brilliant performances come in this week! CUSR Men’s Squash: A great squad effort against Melbourn (NB not ...

November 24, 2016 by Erik Sullivan

Five Premier League fencing teams came together in Oxford for the first BUCS weekend of the season. The Cambridge Women’s Light Blues had a victorious weekend convincingly beating Cardiff, Imperial ...
Ren in flight

November 24, 2016 by Erik Sullivan

Five Premier League men’s fencing teams converged on Cambridge this weekend to contest their Michaelmas BUCS matches. After an early morning journey on the X5, the Oxford team thought their ...

November 4, 2016 by Leonardo Buizza

Week 4: Lots of high-quality games, with some great wins over Ox**** as well. Who was best?
Cambridge University Automobile Club primarily competes in karting races

November 1, 2016 by Tom Goulding

The CU Automobile and Fencing Clubs' President, Richard Morris, speaks to Tom Goulding about CUAC’s half-blue status and his sporting achievements

October 31, 2016 by Claire Worrall

On the 23rd of October, Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon Club’s novice athletes took part in their first battle against ‘the other place’ in the novice varsity match. The club had ...
England Men's Sabre Took Gold

September 29, 2016 by Tom Harvey

CUFC have been winning things this summer. Specifically, members of CUFC attended the Student 5 Nations, the Leon Paul Summer Foil Open, The Winton Cup and the Essex Open. The first ...
The Winners

March 25, 2016 by Thomas Harvey

Watch this space, because it’s only going to get more and more Cambridge Blue.
The winning team

March 17, 2016 by Richard Ollington

Having wiped Oxford clean at Varsity they've carried on winning at BUCS
Ox v Cam 2

February 29, 2016 by Richard Ollington

Roundup of the year so far - who is sportiest?
Laura showing off some of OBJ's jewellery range

February 23, 2016 by Leonardo Buizza

Laura Davidson - outstanding athlete and lawyer, co-founder of Mental Health Research UK and founder of Oxbridge Blues Jewellery!
Peplow leading the charge

November 24, 2015 by Tom Harvey

CUFC have hit the ground running in a quick succession of competitions over the last fortnight, writes Tom Harvey
Tif landing the winning hit in her L16

October 18, 2015 by Daniel Summerbell

Cambridge fencers compete in the Leon Paul Novice Open and come away with the best squad performance of the day
Elizabeth Way Shooting Range, eat your heart out!

October 7, 2015 by Ali Simon

CUMPC take on Cyprus
Up Close and Personal

October 7, 2015 by Tom Harvey

Double BUCS gold and quadruple Varsity wins. Is there anything this team isn't capable of?
Ox v Cam Oxford Cambridge who won the most varsities so far

July 29, 2015 by The Blue Bird

Roundup of the year - who was sportiest?

April 13, 2015 by CUFC

Fresh from their Varsity clean sweep, the Fencers turned their attention to securing the BUCS championship. Their opponent? O*ford.

March 21, 2015 by CUFC

The Fencers show off their class with a fantastic Varsity victory!

March 7, 2015 by Izhan Khan

Live updates on all of the Varsity games happening today!

March 6, 2015 by Izhan Khan

It's Varsity Weekend! IZHAN KHAN takes you through what's on and how to stay up to date.

March 3, 2015 by Izhan Khan

Fencing Varsity is coming up this weekend: find out who will be representing the light blues.

February 21, 2015 by Blue Bird News

With numerous Varsity matches being played and coming soon, the Blue Bird looks at who is hitting form at the right time
Blue Bird Feature 1

January 14, 2015 by Rebecca Moore

After the government pledges to distribute £450 million to schools by the end of 2016, Rebecca Moore discusses what kind of an impact this initiative will have.

November 29, 2014 by Abbie Harvey

Abbie talks about the link between sport and charity.

November 23, 2014 by Abbie Harvey

Goal celebrations. Arrogant and disrespectful or an essential part of sport?

November 6, 2014 by The Blue Bird

We have four shiny new columnists for the second half of term!

October 21, 2014 by Maddie Skipsey

Cambridge University Fencing Club (CUFC) is one of the oldest fencing clubs in the United Kingdom. Harry Boteler, Men’s Captain, talks to Maddie Skipsey about weapons and elitism.

October 6, 2014 by Sarah Lombard

With the two different spheres of College and University sport, it’s unusual for a Cambridge student to try an entirely new sport at University level. Whilst it’s a great way to meet people from other Colleges, a fantastic tactic for relaxing after a long day of lectures and supervisions, not everyone is up to the additional challenge of learning a sport from scratch. These brave souls tested the waters as beginners when it seemed like everyone else could already swim.