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Get in the pool with college water polo!

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The university team doesn’t even have stash in the form of robes- how does a college?!

The university team doesn’t even have stash in the form of robes – how does a college?!

With a new academic year brings a new Water Polo College League! Now this may not be the most popular college sport in Cambridge (boo rowers), but with Queerwin (Queens and Darwin’s College water polo team) looking to continue their triumphant winning streak it is bound to be an exciting year.

For those who have not had the joy of experiencing college league (I highly recommend you try it) this is where teams of 7 or more players trek to the Leys School pool on occasional Friday evenings and weekends to participate in training with their college captains, matches with other teams, round robin tournaments and to top it all off- CUPPERS at the end of lent term! Cuppers is where the colleges get to compete for the beautiful water polo TROPHY and a proud college captain gets to proudly display it in their room for the year. Will the new Queerwin boss, Noah Milton, be able to claim the honour?

With a close final against JChill (John’s and Churchill’s team) last year, new allegiances and extra training, the trophy is all to play for. Downing Trindome is so keen that they have their own stash, Addenbrooke’s train weekly and smash most matches, there are new found team alliances including Robinson/Girton (Girbinson? Robirton?) and St. Catz and Pembroke are entering by themselves! As a proud member of the Newnham team (alliance with another college tbc), I fully back us to win. However, as a non-biased college league officer, based on sheer number of players alone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Queerwin reigned on as champions (although I hope this is not the case).  The JChill team will fight to the bitter end to avoid their second place ranking, so we all wait in anticipation for the season to start and get training to remove the smirks of Queerwin’s smiling faces. Water Polo is a full contact sport, so expect things to get exciting!

The trophy is clearly being used appropriately by Queerwin

The trophy is clearly being used appropriately by Queerwin

If you want to get involved, please contact me at ram89@cam.ac.uk!

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