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How many sports can the pentathletes fit into 48 hours?

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Many! This weekend has marked the start of term time training for the pentathletes. Over the course of 48 hours, we fit in 9km of swimming, 4 and a half hours of fencing, a combined session (running and shooting) and 2 hours of riding.

This was our annual Winter training camp, a chance to bond as a team and get some coached training in, before term starts. This year, the team travelled to Oxfordshire and all sixteen squished into the women’s captain family home!

Following a long swim set, dinner and team chats on Friday night, we were ready for the mammoth day that would be day #1 of training camp.

On Saturday, we fit in an entire pentathlon. An early start (and breakfast) at 7am, was followed by the first session of the day: fencing. Thanks to our coach, Jamie, for travelling to lead the session. This was followed by a combined session. We added a playground slide to the route, to make it a little more challenging (and get everyone a little more muddy). A quick lunch, and we were back too it with a three hour slot booked at the riding school. Cotswold Riding kindly catered to all abilities – our more experienced riders flew around a 1m course, whereas those that had just begun to ride had their first canter. The day was not over, a two hour swimming session awaited the (slightly unknowing) pentathletes. Thanks to coach John, we worked on technique, tumbles, and then finished it off with some lactate-resistance. Lovely. By this point everyone was exhausted and hungry, so dinner was greatly appreciated. A quick visit to the pub followed, but given that a quarter of the men’s team were asleep within 15 minutes, we decided to call it an evening and return to base camp.

A fab day, all to be repeated (minus the combined) on Sunday.

Well done to everyone who attended, the team are looking very strong ahead of our busiest term of the year. Bring on Lent.Winter t camp pent


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