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Meet the Ladies Eton Fives Varsity Team!

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1st Team


Hannah Rapley (Ladies Captain), 1st pair

2nd year MML, Newnham, 21yrs old

2nd Varsity Match

I started playing when I joined my secondary school, Highgate. It was the coolest sport to play and the hang out area so everyone was really keen on fives. My teachers are particularly to thank as they were keen to get the first set of girls to a high standard. My best friend and I won the U15 Nationals and then continued to play. At university, my greatest moment probably was winning the Varsity match last year as it was an incredibly challenging and close game. Anyway that’s about it- more memories to be made!



Sophie Kelly, 1st pair

4th year Medicine, Magdalene, 22yrs old

3rd Varsity Match

Jamie Abbott. I like fives







Elli Hullis, 2nd pair

4th year Veterinary Medicine, 25yrs old

3rd Varsity Match

“Favourite moment… Matt Wiseman’s bottom?! haha please don’t write that… [sorry Elli :P] erm winning varsity in 2010 as Captain in the first match to have 6 Ladies pairs…also finding the box of chocolate biscuits at the Northerns…that was a close second!”




Esmé O’Keeffe, 2nd pair

1st year MML (French & Italian), Corpus Christi, 18yrs old

1st Varsity Match

Shrewsbury School 1st Pair, started playing in 6th form. Best moments – when Riki brings christmas biscuits to training




Susanna Xu, 3rd pair

4th year Medicine, Gonville and Caius, 22yrs old

3rd Varsity Match

Funniest fives moment – accidentally smacking a guy in the arse on court because I thought he’d move out of the way.

Favourite fives moment – winning the Varsity match last year




Rhonda Shiels, 3rd pair

5th year Veterinary Medicine, Sidney Sussex, 22yrs old

1st Varsity Match

I started playing in October 2014 after being recruited by former Men’s Captain/ urban legend, Saj Patel. I have since grown to love the sport as both an outlet for my pent up rage and as a means of working on my ‘gun show’. My best fives moment to date was an (unexpected) 3rd place at the Universities tournament earlier this year with my fabulous partner Susanna Xu.



2nd Team

 Annie Cave

Annie Cave (Ladies Vice Captain), 1st pair

2nd year HSPS, Magdalene, 19yrs old

2nd Varsity Match

“Probably don’t have anything particularly exciting for my bio!!”





Pippa Ball, 1st pair

3rd year Medicine, Christ’s, 21yrs old

1st Varsity Match

I got into fives because of the current captain being awesome and dragging me along (Riki) and I just fell in love with the craziness of Eton Fives. I’m all about the power shots much to my original partner’s dismay (sorry Maria’s head/clavicles/rest of body) and because of that fives is the best stress relief ever! Due to injury Varsity will be my first proper game and I’m super puuuuuuuumped!


 Annie Calders

Annie Calderbank, 2nd pair

1st year Theology, Peterhouse, 19yrs old

1st Varsity Match

Annie started fives in October and is improving rapidly. She was keen to try the sport knowing she would probably never have the opportunity to play it again, and was grateful for how welcoming the team was to a beginning. She claims she “always looks scared” and that this has nothing to do with the vicious cuts she’s started receiving!



Lottie Simpson, 2nd pair

1st year Geography, Robinson, 18yrs old

1st Varsity Match

Lottie is currently on loan from the Rugby fives team (thank you!) – after our very own Nathan Turnbull helped CURFC win their Varsity match, we’re hoping Lottie can help us do the same!




Nicole Lim, 3rd pair

3rd year Medicine, Newnham, 21yrs old

1st Varsity Match

Riki bullied me into signing up at freshers fair by saying that as presidents of small societies we should support each other – and then came to all of one event



Maria Pieri, 3rd pair

3rd year Medicine, Christ’s, 21yrs old

1st Varsity Match

I have played no matches. Yaaay Fives!! 😀 #Ijoinedfivesforthedinner #letsgetdrunk #Ihopewewin




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