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Meet the Men’s Eton Fives Varsity Team!

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Half Blues Team


Tony Barker, 1st pair

4th year Maths, Pembroke, 22yrs old

2nd Varsity Match and 2nd Half Blue in Eton Fives

 Favourite fives moment – winning the Midlands tournament whilst playing late into the evening immersed in deep fog.






Riki Houlden (Captain), 1st pair

3rd year Medicine, Christ’s, 21yrs old

3rd Varsity Match and 3rd Half Blue in Eton Fives

 I got into fives 6 years ago at school because nobody else played that much squash, and this was the closest thing to it there was. Ended up absolutely loving it – it was and still is quite easily the most enjoyable sport I have ever played.

Favourite fives moment: so many!! If I had to choose just one… the feeling you get when your shot dies in the pepper ^_^

Worst fives moment: ADMIN ADMIN ADMIN ADMIN… T-T



Jamie Abbott, 2nd pair

4th year MML, Magdalene, 21yrs old

3rd Varsity Match and 3rd Half Blue in Eton Fives

 “I’m trying to think of something funny but I can’t. I think I started at 13.”



Jack Parham (Honorary Secretary), 2nd pair

2nd year MML, Clare, 20yrs old

2nd Varsity Match and 2nd Half Blue in Eton Fives

Famous for his between-the-legs shots and known on the CUEFC team as “Winner of Fives”



Sudhir Balaji, 3rd pair

3rd year Chemical Engineering, Queens’, 20yrs old

3rd Varsity Match and 1st Half Blue in Eton Fives

  • Started playing fives at school, was never really that good at it
  • Won my first ever tournament – the London Festival Tournament – in December last year (6 years in the making)
  • Favourite fives moment – when Jack Parham won fives



Alistair Stewart (Junior Treasurer), 3rd pair

2nd year Linguistics, Jesus, 20yrs old

2nd Varsity Match and 2nd Half Blue in Eton Fives

This is my seventh year of Eton Fives. The highs include winning Varsity last year and celebrating by snogging our illustrious captain Saj Patel; the lows include enduring more pain than I ever have done before after jumping into an opponent’s arm swing, and trying to scrape Alex Rattan’s vomit off the floor of the post-Varsity coach.



Penguins (2nd Team)


Ben Merrett, 1st pair

1st year Engineering, Peterhouse, 20yrs old

1st Varsity Match

“Ben started playing Fives in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, realising at a young age that Fives was his only way out. He spray-painted his gloves gold each match in order to get the attention of scouts, and was eventually offered a contract at Cambridge.”



Will Reid, 1st pair

4th year Engineering, Queens’, 22yrs old

1st Varsity Match

Started playing Fives aged 13 and immediately fell in love with the game. After leaving school I took a few years out of the game to concentrate on other sports (even the odd sport that people have heard of!) but couldn’t keep myself away.



Nathan Turnbull, 2nd pair

1st year Natural Sciences, Trinity Hall, 18yrs old

1st Varsity Match

Nathan first started playing fives at school when the courts were repaired and played largely to avoid going to actual games sessions and so he could leave early on Wednesday afternoons. He did however carry on, captivated by a desire to know of what there are “five”, the unerring joy at explaining the difference between fives and squash, and because playing such a niche game is the closest he’ll get to edgy.

Achievements include coming second in the Northern Tournament Festival, being present when Parham “won fives”, and once hitting consecutive shots off the back bricks before killing it in the pepper.



Anthony Kane, 2nd pair

PGCE in Secondary Science (Chemistry), Magdalene, 22yrs old

1st Varsity Match

I started playing at school because I wanted to do something extremely niche and unusual, and continued long enough that everyone else stopped doing it. Plus I figured it was a good way to get minor sports colours. I stopped playing at Durham because there are no courts that far north.

My achievements include: Captain at Charterhouse (which is a lot like saying I was the only one who played), winner of several games of fives, and winner of plate B at the Mixed Universities Championships 2016, playing with a partner from a different university. My favourite moment is always beating an Etonian.



Ewan Day-Collins, 3rd pair

2nd year History, Peterhouse, 19yrs old

Varsity virgin (1st Varsity Match)

I started playing fives at school because there was a room next to the courts with an armchair and a radiator in it. I continued playing fives because of said room with said armchair and said radiator. The radiator broke a few years in, so I stopped for a while and did rounders instead. I have now resumed fives because the indoor Cambridge courts have radiators. I like radiators.




Kai Bilimoria, 3rd pair

1st year Theology and Religious Studies, Gonville and Caius, 19yrs old

1st Varsity Match

I’ve always loved fives (but I prefer 10s ;)). I like how the gloves feel on my hands.




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