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Netball Team Announcement

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Another intense weekend of Varsities are approaching, and the well-trained netball teams are getting ready to face off against O*ford. Check out their promo video to get a glimpse of how they have been preparing, and head down to the University Sports Centre from 9:30am on Saturday the 25th to see them!

hayleyName: Hayley Smith (c)
Age: 21
College: St. Johns
Subject: Law (3rd year)
CULNC: Blues 2015, 2016
Position: WD

Back for her third Varsity match for the Blues- Captain Hayley is here for the win. Fearsome both on, off (and in) court, this player is not to be messed with. She will keep any WA in check- they won’t be getting anywhere they want to. First in and last out of every training session she keeps us all in order. This captain doubled the size of the club- twice as good and double the fun! CULNC is her life at Cambridge and she wouldn’t have it any other way!

taraName: Tara Phillips (vc)
Age: 21
College: Churchill
Subject: Pharmacology (3rd year)
CULNC: Blues 2016, Swallows 2015
Position: WD/GD/GS

Tara is our most versatile player moving between attack and defence each match; the quick switch would make most people’s heads spin but not Tara. She’s able to read the game like a pro and pick off interceptions at key moments in our matches. Whenever we need a turnover we can always rely on Tara to deliver. So watch out today for her strong shooting movement, dominant defence and if we’re lucky some show stopping flying interceptions.


Name: Jenae Carpenter
Age: 25
College: Corpus Christi
Subject: MPhil Criminology
Position: WD/C/WA

From down under, masters ‘fresher’ Jenae brings all the flare and intensity of an Australian diamond. Off court, Jenae’s bubbly personality makes long bus journeys to away games fly by. Full of enthusiasm, this feisty defender challenges for every ball that comes near her. Look out for her ferocious defence and flying interceptions against Oxford.


Name: Maddy Eno
Age: 22
College: Jesus
Subject: Biochemistry (4th year)
CULNC: Blues 2016, Jays 2015
Position: GS/GA

Maddy is our resident acrobat. With her capacity to contort her body to take a ball in the air, if she wasn’t playing for the Blues team she’d be trying her luck in the Cambridge gymnastics team (or lacrosse, is there anything this girl isn’t good at?) Her acrobatic abilities and capacity to turn a game has caught the eye of opposing teams, racking up more best player awards than the rest of the team combined. If she’s on court (and she will be) Oxford don’t stand a chance.


Name: Lucy Gumbiti-Zimuto
Age: 22
College: Queens
Subject: Medicine (4th year)
CULNC: Blues 2016, Swallows 2015
Position: GK

Lucy our long limbed keeper is a force to be reckoned with in the circle. Having progressed through the club she is a vital member of the Blues. Forever impressing with her flying interceptions and wonderful wingspan she can always be counted on to make the crucial turnovers. Feisty and aggressive she may be, but don’t worry she’s a medic so she’ll fix anything she breaks!


Name: Becky Haggie
Age: 23
College: Selwyn
Subject: Medicine (5th year)
CULNC: Jays 2013, 2015, 2016
Position: WA/C

Wards by day and netball courts by night, this future doctor is a force to be reckoned with! With those legs for days, no WD is able to keep up with Becky who hits circle edge like a moth to a flame. After four years of CULNC experience she certainly knows her way around a Varsity match – let’s hope she’s not as feisty with her patients as she is with her competitors!


Name: Frances Lee-Barber
Age: 21
College: Selwyn
Subject: Economics (3rd year)
CULNC: Blues 2015, 2016
Position: GA/GS

About to graduate from 3 years of CULNC, Frances is our golden-goaler GA and is a ferocious presence on the court. Unlucky GD you won’t be catching this one -as the only player (ever) to ask to do the fitness test twice in a session she is lightning fast and strong, and knows it. Taking training to a new level with shooting practice every non-training day, Oxford will be the only ones missing goals… on the score line. This netball queen will be super charged and ready to go on Varsity day. Watch out Oxford!


Name: Sophie Maitland
Age: 19
College: Queens
Subject: Natural Sciences (1st year)
Position: C/WA

Netballer by day, DJ by night. The fresher and baby of the Blues has endless bounds of energy, speeding around the court she makes four quarters at C look easy. Sophie’s agility and hunger for the ball make her a force to be reckoned with, catch her if you can! Sophie is one of the more studious members of the Blues and consistently shows up the third years who fail to open a book on the long journey to away games. Sophie also holds the record for longest time taken by a fresher to step foot in a Cambridge club, but since hitting the D-floor with the Netball girls she just can’t get enough. Off court find Sophie working a labcoat or working up a storm behind the DJ decks at Queen’s bops. Sophie has quickly become an integral part of the Blues, and we are very excited for her debut performance for the Blues!


Name: Charlotte Plumtree
Age: 25
College: St Edmunds
Subject: Veterinary Medicine (5th year)
CULNC: Blues 2014, 2015, 2016
Position: GD

Charlotte is (one of) the oldest members of CULNC and you can certainly tell – her defending experience is obvious as she turns the ball over again and again, match after match. Charlottes arms literally appear from nowhere and you can always rely on her to make a few sneaky 3ft interceptions. Charlotte and GK Lucy are the definition of a dynamic duo. They’re an impenetrable force covering the whole circle and we do not envy those who have to come up against it. In her free time Charlotte enjoys going out in London, walking her dog and getting engaged (!!!!). Charlotte is a fab player and we can’t wait to watch her smash it at Varsity!


Jays Squad (2nds)
Swallows Squad (3rds)

Chloe Merrell (c)-Jesus
Hannah White (c) - St Johns
Laura Dyer (vc) - Fitzwilliam
Francesca Jenkins (vc)- Sidney Sussex
Olivia Anderson- Trinity
Eleanor Ansell- Homerton
Chloe Cunningham- Caius
Maddy Cummins- Magdalene
Laura Curtis- Queens
Millie Foster – Newnham
Olivia Dadge – St Johns
Hayley Hardstaff – Emmanuel
Sarah Godlee – Lucy Cavendish
Yasmin Khan- Osborne- St Johns
Rosanna Hurst- Kings
Megan Lockey- Trinity Hall
Issy Piper- Jesus
Sammy Love- Christs
Zoe Starbuck- Murray EdwardsHannah Marks- Newnham
Katie Purohit- Fitzwilliam
Becca Sillett- Kings


  1. Helen Cunningham

    What a great bunch of ladies playing for Cambridge on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to cheering them to victory.

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