Rowing A-Z (Part 1)

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Photo credit – Angus Knights

The Boat Race is fast approaching, and as the hype builds up towards the event so does the lingo that comes with it. Here’s a run down of some of the terms you’d benefit from knowing come Easter Sunday.

A – “Attention!” – the last word the rowers hear before “go” and the pain begins. And alas amazing astounding accomplishments. AAAAHHH.

B – BNY Mellon – a shout out to one of our sponsors for making this all possible and providing beautiful blue stash to be spotted around Cambridge.

C – Cox – The lil dude we put all our faith into as we row blindly into the distance. The only thing we can see are Oxford’s tears in the boat behind us.

D – Drama. Fingers crossed for no sunken boats, collisions, broken oars, or floods (although a drought may be more of an issue).

E – Erg. Thee short letters, 2 painfully long kilometres. If you haven’t heard this word thrown around you evidently haven’t spent enough time with boaties.

F – Five AM wakeups to catch the train to Ely. It’s usually still dark, and rainy, and cold. But the winning spirit still shines out from their souls.

G – GDBO – God damn them

H – House – the *only* landmark on the Ely 5km straight. Also a genre of music which the niche rower likes to listen to when erging.

I – Island – Chiswick Eyot (pronounced eight) – about halfway through the course. Fingers crossed we’ll be #winning by this point.

J – Japanese Spider Crab – the world’s largest crab. A completely random fun fact of the day… since rowers love crabs.

K – Kettle bells. One of the many training aids to help crown CUBC king of the river. TUNE.

L – Light Blue – the only blue worth being #lb4lyf

M – Muscles. I mean just look at the legs on those rowers…

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon – in the meantime, refer to letter G.

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