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January 26, 2018 by Finn Harman

During the last week of the Christmas holidays, the Cambridge University Blues swimming visited the Sports Abroad training facility in Oasis Papagayo Resort, Fuerteventura for the fourth year running. Over ...
Photo credits: Anna Gibbons

January 14, 2018 by Anna Gibbons

Many! This weekend has marked the start of term time training for the pentathletes. Over the course of 48 hours, we fit in 9km of swimming, 4 and a half ...
Photo credits: Anna Gibbons

January 1, 2018 by Anna Gibbons

Four of the Modern Pentathlon Club Ladies’ squad went to compete at the West Midlands Pentathlon Competition. Just four days after Christmas, the three athletes competing in the ride turned ...
Celebrating after a hard day competing, photo credits: Anna Gibbons

November 19, 2017 by Anna Gibbons

This weekend was CUMPC’s annual invitational match, and saw over 30 current club, Old Blues, and EY sponsors compete. The day opened with the fence. After some misfunctioning and missing ...
Photo credits: Dan Toy

November 5, 2017 by Marika Cash

On the evening of Saturday 28th October, the Cambridge University Swimming team hosted the annual Relays Gala at Parkside Pools. The teams competing were Cambridge A, Cambridge B, Imperial, KCL, ...
Cambridge novices with their captain. Photo credits: Anna Gibbons

November 1, 2017 by Anna Gibbons

Four weeks in to training, and it was time for Modern Pentathlon’s novices to face the Dark Blues. The day comprised of four events: fencing, running and shooting, and swimming ...
CUMPC takes on Yorkshire Pentathlon. Photo credits: Susannah Boddie.

November 1, 2017 by Anna Gibbons

Last weekend, CUMPC sent some of its senior squad to compete at Yorkshire’s annual Pentathlon. The team consisting of Susannah Boddie, Eléanor Sealy, Emily Hopgood and Amy Radford, for the ...

October 1, 2017 by Henry Choong

To celebrate the launch of The Blue Bird covering college sport as well as uni sport, here’s a round up of the best of last year’s college action! 2015 saw ...
Much more time spent like this, less time doing actual training.

April 1, 2017 by A. N. On

Following much debate over the terms of competition, CUSWPC have been able to score a major victory over their Dark Blue counterparts. From 2018 onwards, there will be nude races ...
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March 12, 2017 by Ruairi Hurson

This year, the Cambridge swimmers took on Oxford on home turf for the 125th Swimming Varsity Match. While the final result of Oxford 101-79 Cambridge wasn’t what the team had ...

January 23, 2017 by Erik Sullivan

This year the Cambridge University Blues swimming team embarked again on their annual training camp.  The team again visited the Sports Abroad training facility in Oasis Papagayo Resort, Fuerteventura for ...
BB advent 1

December 1, 2016 by Leonardo Buizza

The Blue Bird's advent calendar of sport is back!

October 31, 2016 by Claire Worrall

On the 23rd of October, Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon Club’s novice athletes took part in their first battle against ‘the other place’ in the novice varsity match. The club had ...

October 29, 2016 by Erik Sullivan

Some six months in the making, CUSWPC have finally released their 2015-16 annual newsletter

October 28, 2016 by Claire Worrall

An extremely strong start to the season for Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon Club
Much more time spent like this, less time doing actual training.

October 4, 2016 by Ruairi Hurson

Find out about the opportunities to swim for Cambridge!
Erik Henley

July 10, 2016 by Erik Sullivan

Cambridge returned to Henley for the third Open Water Varsity. Find out how they fared
FYI, we won.

June 29, 2016 by Jessica Mason & Laura Schubert

An introduction to one of the more unusual Varsity events...

May 12, 2016 by Richard Ollington

The finalists have been announced, who do you think deserves it?
Ox v Cam 2

February 29, 2016 by Richard Ollington

Roundup of the year so far - who is sportiest?
Water polo

February 28, 2016 by Izhan Khan

Some more highlights from Varsity Weekend; this time from Swimming and Water Polo!
GDBO blue

February 23, 2016 by Izhan Khan

A rundown of all the Varsity Matches taking place this weekend; find out how to stay up to date which each and every one courtesy of the Blue Bird!
Sports team of the week

February 13, 2016 by Erik Sullivan

Which Cambridge team is deserving of your vote this week?
Team CUMPC post run L-R: Hannah Clifford, Claire Worrall, Heather Keenan, Alice Watson, Anthony Shillito, Kshitij Sabnis and Josh Briegal.

January 14, 2016 by Erik Sullivan

CUMPC travel to the West Midlands to see their holiday training pay off!
BB advent 16

December 16, 2015 by Richard Ollington

Day 16 and we take a look at the University Sports Centre's various phases of completion
BUCS SC-min (1)

November 20, 2015 by Cora Olpe & James Green

This year's first big gala sees multiple new PBs and even some Blues times for the swimmers.
Waterpolo 2

October 7, 2015 by Ben Walker

Are you a swimmer, bored of simply doing lengths? Or a lover of ball sports, wanting to try something new? Maybe water polo is the sport for you!
FYI, we won.

September 21, 2015 by Erik Sullivan

Cambridge University Swimming Club is a fun, welcoming and competitive sports team at Cambridge.
Ox v Cam Oxford Cambridge who won the most varsities so far

July 29, 2015 by The Blue Bird

Roundup of the year - who was sportiest?

June 27, 2015 by Lydia Woodward

CUSWPC's open water varsity team has been announced. Here's their line up

February 26, 2015 by Archie Cornish

In his second column, Archie Cornish takes on the underdog.

February 16, 2015 by Alex Wiseman

The Varsity Match for the swimming team is fast approaching, with the completion of every training session taking them one step closer to the big day. The Oxford-Cambridge swimming Varsity ...

January 27, 2015 by Katherine Pyne and Alexandra Wiseman

Eat. Sleep. Swim. Repeat.
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January 27, 2015 by Sophie Clarke

Swaps and sport: Sophie Clarke delves into the depths of Cambridge nightlife.
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January 18, 2015 by Alex Wiseman

In preparation for their Varsity match, CUSC travelled to the sunny Canary Islands for a week long intensive training camp before term began. Swimming 4 hours daily, and covering 82km ...

December 5, 2014 by Ian Middleton

The end of term may signal the end of work until mid-January but for many University sports teams the workload and fixtures continue.

November 18, 2014 by Alex Wiseman

Promising performance by Light Blue Swimmers at BUCS short course.

November 7, 2014 by Alex Wiseman

Home gala: Saturday 1st November Final Results: Nottingham A – 145 Cambridge A – 141 Imperial – 105 UCL – 101 Cambridge B – 82 Kings – 81 Nottingham B ...

November 1, 2014 by India Dunn

Women's water polo captain Sophie Clarke tells us about the sport and why everyone should get down to the pool to give it a go...

October 14, 2014 by Alex Wiseman

Alex Wiseman introduces one of the oldest swimming clubs in the country.

October 8, 2014 by Alex Wiseman

Alex Wiseman assesses the challenges of keeping in shape over the long summer vacation for light blue sportsmen and women.

October 6, 2014 by Sarah Lombard

With the two different spheres of College and University sport, it’s unusual for a Cambridge student to try an entirely new sport at University level. Whilst it’s a great way to meet people from other Colleges, a fantastic tactic for relaxing after a long day of lectures and supervisions, not everyone is up to the additional challenge of learning a sport from scratch. These brave souls tested the waters as beginners when it seemed like everyone else could already swim.