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Team of the Week: Week 5

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The motto of the week has to be GDBO: with victories over Oxf*rd in lacrosse and athletics, Cambridge Women have been showing the Dark Blues how it’s done. Elsewhere, we propose the Men’s Water Polo team as a worthy candidate for TOTW, who have opened their season with indefatigable grit. Vote on your winner!

Women’s Lacrosse

You’d be hard pressed to fault CUWLC this week; with two impressive home victories, they certainly had reason to (Rum)boogie. The wins came in polar opposite styles, however, as the Blues won their match against Bath by an easy 17 goals (final score 20-3). They now have a stunning goal difference of +54 in their league after 4 fixtures. The Kingies (the second team) were up against Oxf*rd, and despite scoring a swift 3 goals in the first 10 minutes before the opposition had even touched the ball, the game quickly became tightly fought: with 1.5 minutes to go, the scoreline was even at 7-7. Immediate position off the centre draw and a composed goal meant that they clinched the victory and the league points, much to the delight of the whole squad.

The Kingies after their victory

Women’s Athletics

The Freshers’ Varsity match resulted in a resounding victory for the women, with a final score of 108-81.  Particularly commendable were performances by the Light Blue track athletes, who only gave away two events to Oxf*rd: the 200m and 1500m. Johanna Schoenecker reached a Blues Standard, simultaneously breaking a Match Record in the javelin; both on an individual level and as a team, the future of CUAC looks bright.

Athletics Autumn Cuppers 2017 (Credit: CUAC)

Athletics Autumn Cuppers 2017 (Credit: CUAC)

Men’s Water Polo

The Blues’ mission to be promoted up from South Division 1 is looking successful, as they beat their hosts Birmingham 14-11 in dramatic fashion. Despite a depleted team of 9 players, they took the lead in the first quarter by 2 goals, and never let Birmingham catch up comfortably. Level-headedness was arguably the Blues’ winning card, and the roars of the opposition crowd never wavered them. Even in the last seconds of the match, Cambridge managed to put the ball in the back of the net, illustrating their ambition to dominate this season.

Photo Credit: Cambridge Water Polo Facebook

Photo Credit: Cambridge Water Polo Facebook



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