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Tennis Men and Women cruise through Round 1 of the Cup

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Cambridge Men’s Blues 6 – 0 Essex

Last Wednesday Cambridge Men’s Blues kicked off their BUCS trophy campaign with an emphatic win over the University of Essex. In the first round of matches, captain Jack Long-Martinez cruised through his singles at number 4 6-1 6-2 without any problems. Likewise, on court 2, Michal Kaminski and Salil Navarpurkar pulled ahead early in their doubles and never looked back, taking the win 6-0 6-3.

Playing at number 1, however, James Shemilt had a much closer match. After several close service games in succession at the end of the first set, Shemilt took the set on a tiebreak, then broke early in the second. From then he served well to come away with a 7-6 6-4 win. In the second round of matches, Kaminski had no problems brutally dispatching his opponent 6-0 6-2, Navarpurkar won equally easily 6-1 6-1, and Long-Martinez and Shemilt came through with a 6-2 6-0 win. Overall, it was a very positive day for the Cambridge team as they look to make serious inroads into the trophy draw.

Cambridge Women’s Seconds 4 – 2 De Montford

The Women’s Seconds – this week made up of Captain Magda Danowska, Katharine Curran, Elena Casacuberta and Yasmin Shah – bid M1 farewell at the station, before Magda arrived on her bike. Well, not her bike, her boyfriend’s bike, because she exchanged her bike key for 100 rupees on Friday night.

Credit: Charlotte Milbank

Credit: Charlotte Milbank

They get the train and are treated to story time from a fellow passenger. Did you know that if you run over a dog with a car, it’s eyes pop out? The four-year old next to us now does. After an uneventful taxi to David Lloyds, the team were ready to commence battle in this, the first round of the cup. Magda and Anna began with singles as 1&2, while Katharine and Elena embarked upon their journey to victory.

The tennis gods were not smiling on Magda, who sadly lost 6-4, 6-1. but the sunshine streaming in to the Peterborough sauna bubble brightened Anna’s spirits and allowed for a comeback from one set down to win 10-6 in the championship tiebreak. Anna and Magda’s attempts to snatch victory from the claws of DMF’s first pair (who were being egged on by their coach/parent/man off the street) were hindered.

Elena’s singles were like amazon prime: quickly dispatched and exactly what we wanted, 6-3, 6-1. Katharine’s was more like the Royal Mail delivery service- it got there eventually. 6-3, 7-5. Cambridge dominated with superior strategy and spectacular serves. There is room for improvement in joke telling (and potentially match reports- you be the judge).

This is W2 signing off, psyched for the next round!




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