The Blue Bird was founded in 2014 to provide comprehensive coverage of all Cambridge sporting matters. The website acts as a platform to unite all sports clubs and sportspeople. The Blue Bird has a vision of improving the uptake, quality and pride that Cambridge students have in sports.
The opinions expressed within articles are those of the authors and are not necessarily reflective of the opinions held by the Blue Bird. If you have concerns the senior editors can be contacted at thecambluebird@gmail.com.

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The Blue Bird keeps you updated with all the action from all the sports you love. We write and edit with the aim of improving the uptake, quality and pride that students have in sports. Email thecambluebird@gmail.com and join our team of journalists and help improve Cambridge sport.

Senior Editorial Team
Editor-in-chief – Leonardo Buizza
Head of University Reporting – Erik Sullivan
Head of Features – Lydia Woodward
Head of Columns and Opinions – James Campsie
Head of Interviews – Charles Martland
Head of Varsities and Live Reporting – Lucy Morgan
Deputy Head of Features – Amelia Leventhorpe and Olivia Shears
Deputy Head of Columns and Opinions – Jack Congdon
Deputy Head of Interviews – Tom Goulding
Webmaster – Dimitris Kousoulidis

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