The New Thundercatz also competed. The team represents eight Cambridge Colleges!

The Ultimate End of Term Cuppers

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15 College League teams flocked to the University Sports Centre on Thursday 30th November for the winter Indoor Cuppers tournament. It was an exciting day of back-to-back matches: over the course of the day, 48 games were played in total, across two pitches.

The tournament winners were the Longhill Cute Kittens (‘Don’t ask how the team names were chosen’, advised the captain), one of two teams entered from Hills Road Sixth Form College. They beat TriNiTy, one of Trinity’s two teams, in a tense final which culminated in a close 6-4 score.

Meanwhile, Trinity Halltimate Crew, the second of Trinity’s teams, topped the Spirit rankings. For those unfamiliar with the sport, Spirit is an important part of Ultimate Frisbee, which is a self-refereed game. After matches, teams give their opponents a Spirit score, based on things such as fair-mindedness, positive attitude, knowledge and use of rules, and fouls and body contact.

Strange Blue, the university Ultimate Frisbee club, entered a fun team – the Frisbros – which was only allowed to throw overhead throws or left-handed throws.

The 2 v 3 semi-final match Trinity’s two teams, TriNiTy and Trinity Halltimate Crew, meet each other in an exciting head-to-head – congratulations to Trinity for being able to enter two such strong teams this season.

All in all, a fantastic day of Frisbee – thanks to all who played!

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