Women’s Rugby Varsity – Team announced!

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On the 7th March, CUWRFC will play host to the other place for their Varsity match. Here’s what the line up will look like:

ScottNo. 1: Ciara Scott
College: Pembroke
Subject: HSPS
One of our newest additions to the squad, as she was surrounded by rugby playing men (as she likes it), by our dedicated President on a run. Breaking our props ankle 6 weeks before Varsity, we’d hate to think about what she’ll do to Oxford. Special mention goes to Tamsin for everything she’s done, Ciara’s not just playing for herself she’s playing for Tamsin too.


gurneyNo. 2: Jess Gurney
College: Newnham
Subject: Medicine
This is a bride to be who isn’t worried about being wheeled down the aisle due to this game (sorry Ben). Jess has thrown her heart and soul into the club, being captain last year and Women’s club Manager next year. Two Varsity wins under her belt in 2015 will be the perfect wedding present.


holmesNo. 3: Katie Holmes
College: Selwyn
Subject: Chemical Engineering
President. Prop. Priceless to this team. Credited throughout the season for her skills of bouncing people off her mighty bosom and insane admin abilities, this prop has put too much into this team and match to not come away with a win. She has no qualms driving any sized team off the ball in the scrum or putting in a giant tackle in revenge of someone hurting someone on her team. This girl is on a mission and it involves leaving Oxford in pain and stealing back that trophy.


sideyNo. 4: Jenni Sidey (Vice Captain)
College: Jesus
Subject: Engineering (combustion)
Queen of recruitment, Miss America can’t be stopped. Every team we’ve played this season has been scared of her awesome tackles, giant carries and “accidental” punches. A steal from uni Boxing, with her characteristic catch phrase of “good job guys!”, when she runs onto the pitch the smile will be off her face and off of Oxford’s.


WeckmanNo. 5: Nikki Weckman
College: Trinity
Subject: Engineering (Biosensors)
Another American, future Captain, Nikki Weckman has a lot to be fighting for this year. Her excellent runs and hard rucking have become her trademark, well that and the fact she always has coffee with her. As Nikki takes over the helm in a ground breaking year for CUWRFC and the Varsity match, we know the club is in safe hands.


HiawaziNo. 6: Estiera ‘Star’ Hiawazi
College: Queen’s
Subject: Classics
After being moved from center to the flank last year, because clearly forwards are better, this girl has taken the position and made sure that absolutely no one else can call it theirs. She’s quick like lightning, enjoys firing into the rucks and scores the odd try. Her love of lifting weights and annihilating anything that gets in her way, be it players on the pitch or men in Cindies, confirms that this forward was always destined to put on that number 6 shirt.


CooperNo. 7: Hannah Cooper
College: Fitzwilliam
Subject: Veterinary Science
Hannah is a new girl to the squad this year, but that doesn’t detract from her awesome tackling and speed off the scrum. A convert from Rowing, we’re pretty sure that we’ve got her in our grasps, and she’s even better at sport than her brother. Looks like she’ll be getting a Blue before you Ian.


CoombsNo. 8: Bryony Coombs
College: Emmanuel
Subject: Engineering
Bry has always been the heart and soul of this the team, so when she said she had to ‘concentrate on her degree’ this year we knew she wouldn’t be able to let go. So she’s back, ready to regale us of tales of her nightly escapades (since splitting up with her boyfriend). Keep your eye on her at all times, because on or off the pitch she’ll do something you weren’t expecting.


ByrneNo. 9: Molly Byrne
College: Jesus
Subject: History
Our “Plucky” scrum half won’t be giving away any chances today. And even if she does you won’t see it in the match report. Molly is infamous in the team for her fantastic writing (that has only received two official complaints) and her slightly unusual tales from the bedroom.
Spanish Translation: ‘Que?’


McGuinnessNo. 10: Sian Mcguinness (Captain)
College: Churchill
Subject: HSPS
Our beloved Captain. Sian is continuously a star player, scoring in nearly every game of the season she is a force to be reckoned with. Recently winning the accolade ‘BlueBird Sports person of the week’, her game has gone from strength to strength. This is most likely due to her weekly gym sessions motivated of course by rugby and not because of how fit a certain fellow gym member is…


LamberNo. 11: Helen Lambert
College: Selwyn
Subject: Law
Picked up at rugby league, this girl is a union girl. She’s hard and sturdy (because she’s from the North), and just one look at her will tell you she’s not playing in the right position, but watch her run down the line and you’ll realise why we put her there. A fantastic and organised addition to the team.


WilsonNo. 12: Anna Wilson
College: Jesus
Subject: Veterinary Science
A little ACL injury couldn’t stop this girl from playing sport, and instead of returning to blues hockey, she found her way (with a guiding hand from team boyfriend Oli) to Grange road. And boy are we pleased. With a kick that can shatter any defence and a sense of humor that is very straight forward, she can’t be confused on or off the pitch.


McNallyNo. 13: Emily McNally
College: St Edmunds
Subject: Law
This girl is a key player in the Canadian takeover of the Blues squad this year. If it’s something in the water over there or the games they play in kindergarten, we all want in on the secret. This girls game is as good as her game face. If you want someone who is strong in attack, solid in defence and a machine at downing a pint, Emily has the full package.


WestlakeNo. 14: Katie Westlake
College: Emmanuel
Subject: Veterinary Science
Small, loving and full of joy: three words to describe this winger off the pitch, but give her a rugby ball (or a drink) and you won’t even recognise her. Let her run at a line of defence and suddenly she appears on the other side, still smiling and heading for the line. If you want to stop her, and you haven’t got the Irish charm, then you’ve got no chance, so Oxford, you might as well give up now.


SuggitNo. 15: Laura Suggit
College: Gonville and Caius
Subject: English
It’s rumoured Laura only took up rugby to get closer to the men’s team, so we held little hope for this team totty, but when we saw the state of the girls she tackled, we knew she was a keeper. Having a few identity crises’ throughout her rugby career this full back has finally found her position which allowed her to demonstrate her menacing tackles and rapid pace with the ball.


DoneganNo. 16: Ayala Donegan
College: Girton
Subject: Geology
Ayala has a name that is practically impossible to pronounce, let alone yell across the rugby pitch. She didn’t seem to appreciate our attempts to shorten it, so now just gets ‘oi! You!’. Its really quite impressive Ayala makes it down to Grange road from the far college that is Girton, but we are very glad she does, especially when you see her flattening the opposition.


DaviesNo. 17: Briony Davies (Captain of Tigers)
College: Emmanuel
Subject: Education
This Tigers captain wasn’t named Miss Enthusiasm for no reason. We have no doubt this girl has enough to share with the entire tigers squad as she leads them out on home turf. With three years of experience on that pitch this girl has the greatest desire to lead her team to a win against the dark blue opposition.


RiceJonesNo. 18: Zoe Rice-Jones
College: Emmanuel
Subject: Natural Sciences
In her second year of playing rugby, this number 8 is going from strength to strength. Captaining her college women’s team this season, this girl has the recruitment techniques of a God, as can be shown by the sheer numbers of Emanuel girls in this year’s blues and tigers squads. So if you don’t have a penis and you’ve ever even considered playing rugby, you’ll be hunted down.


WithersNo. 19: Chloe Withers
College: Fitzwilliam
Subject: Medicine
Chloe is another convert from rowing, she may look like she doesn’t want to get mud in her hair, but you wait until you see what she can do on the pitch. She will flatten those around her and shows command of the game, just like she has command of her boat club. I think we’ve stolen her away from rowing for good.


LoNo. 20: Ada Lo
College: Emmanuel
Subject: Engineering
This girl may be small, but she is mighty. She has already been very clear with the coaches that she does not like the wing, and wants to play 9, so Molly, watch out. But that doesn’t mean she’s not going to dash past you on the wing, and I highly doubt she’s ever going to miss a tackle, throwing her entire body at much larger players than herself.


WeiglNo. 21: Sonja Weigl
College: Christ’s
Subject: Geography
Sonja made her mark last year in the Tiger’s team scoring straight under the posts. She has a habit of breaking through and then she just can’t be stopped. She fires out of the scrum and into the nearest ruck, with her height, her long legs give her the advantage of speed. This is one girl you don’t want to pick a fight with.


FrostNo. 22: Charlotte ‘Frostie’ Frost
College: St Catherine’s
Subject: Veterinary Medicine
Frostie is a machine, having already played in one Varsity (hockey Seconds) she is raring to go and fight oxford again. Although she doesn’t have a weapon to hand this time, she is definitely going to inflict some pain. You may mistake this girl for a dog as she runs along the pitch in a slightly manic style, but that’s just going to confuse Oxford more.


More information about the varsity match itself can be found here. Follow the latest on CUWRFC and all other Cambridge sport on the Blue Bird; like us on Facebook!


  1. Anonymous

    What an arsehole. I’m guessing you’re not athletic enough to get a Blue from Cambridge.

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if you look at the men’s rugby team line up and wonder how many of them are homosexual? Really grow up, this is sport not some tacky dating tv programme! Would be good if you watched the match and appreciated sporting talent and dedication – that’s before we even look at how intelligent these ladies are to be at the top University in the country. Good luck Cambridge, GDBO

  3. GDBO

    Wooo so excited to see you all play on Saturday! If your game faces are anything to go by, alongside your amazing BUCS victories, this looks as though it will be a great game for Cambridge!

  4. Steve Clarke

    I wonder if “I wonder” is male or female, both or neither. Good luck to the women, they can hardly do worse than the men. Why no reports on this website of the disastrous men’s season with barely a win to their name and certainly none against any team that matters. Or do we only report success in minor sports?

  5. Anonymous

    I’m sure the Girls will be grateful of the support ‘Steve Clarke.’
    Although I’d like to point out that Women’s Rugby is not a Minor Sport, nor are Women’s Lacrosse or Women’s Netball. All of which have had reports of multiple successes throughout the season on here.

  6. Steve Clarke

    Minor sports include shooting, swimming, water polo, volleyball, korfball, lacrosse amongst others. I’d also include womens rugby because of the small number who play and the even smaller number who are half decent at the game. And yes, I have seen them play on numerous occasions.

  7. Steve Clarke

    But why no reports on CURUFC or would it make depressing reading? You report on football cuppers, what news on rugby cuppers?

  8. Reply

    It’s because the men’s team only play friendlies (and badly at that) – if friendlies were reported upon, it would set a precedence for uninteresting reading. The women’s rugby, however, play two important competitive matches every week (the BUCS one of which, may I point out, is NECESSARY to win in order to get a blue, compared to the guys who just have to turn up at Varsity).

  9. Steve Clarke

    Great performance from CUWRFC. Well played – perhaps the men need to take notice of some of the skills on show. Tremendous performance from Briony (No.8) and Sian (No.10) and No.13.

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  11. John

    Just watched the Varsity match, well done ladies. You started slow, but then you found the line.
    Hope all injuries are short. lol



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